Products Supported

MS Windows:
Have you ever received pop-up error messages when you shut down or restart the computer? Does the computer hang when you try to log off? We solve these problems and many more on Windows 98 or higher.

Home Network:
Our GearHead techs can help you identify and resolve home network problems, such as problems connecting to a wireless network or the Internet. We also assist you with connecting to peripheral devices such as printers and fax machines.

We help you install or uninstall software programs. Moreover, if you need help with most commonly used software, GearHead techs can provide a basic tutorial to get you up and running quickly.

PC & Connected Devices
Do you need to transfer images from your digital camera to a PC? How about scanning that old photo and email it to someone? Again, we are on standby and ready to assist.

PC Security
We set up the anti-virus software on your network PCs to ensure smooth and safe web surfing. How about securing the wireless connection? Or checking the firewall configuration to prevent unauthorized access. Let GearHead protects you and family.

Internet and VoIP
Setting up your new Internet or VoIP services is part of our support. And we will help you organize your e-mail accounts. Upon request, we can configure your router to block objectionable web destination sites.

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